Business Simulations – The Next Generation Of Corporate Training?


Business simulations – the next generation of computer games, or the next generation of corporate training? Well, perhaps they are both.

Business Simulations are essentially computer “games” which are designed to replicate a certain aspect of your industry, and are used for training employees, honing your skills, or learning new ones.

There are many different types of business simulators – here are a few, just to give you an idea of how business simulations can help you in your business.

Role playing simulations – Role playing programs allow your employees to interact with a “person” on the other end of a “phone”. Role playing simulations are ideal for phone sales, call center employees, customer service employees, secretaries, etc business simulation.

Leadership Training Simulators – Business simulators can also be used to train your leadership staff in leadership principles. These programs will teach you leadership principles, then allow you to test your skills by making a series of real world like decisions.

Employment Simulators – Ever wish you could find a shortcut to hiring the right people every time, without getting any incompetent, lazy, dishonest employees? With an employee assessment simulator, you can do very in-depth assessments of employees before you hire them.

There are many other types of business simulators. Virtually every aspect of a business, from product development to legal compliance, can be improved in your company with business simulators.

Of course, a business simulation will not replace real world experience, but simulators can assist you in making employees more prepared for real world experience. Plus, errors made on the simulators won’t cost you a penny.

Business simulations can be integrated into your company in many ways. Some are designed to be used before the employee is hired. Others are designed for use in the initial training program, while others can be used for ongoing training or pre-advancement training.

If you want to improve your employee training, try business simulations!

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