How A Simple Video Product Review Can BLAST Your Affiliate Earnings Into ORBIT!


I think it’s pretty well known by now that whether you do or you don’t have a product of your own to sell – Affiliate marketing can be pretty lucrative. Some marketers are making millions of dollars a year, just by affiliate marketing alone..

Top affiliate marketer Ewen Chia spent his early years trying to figure out every which way to break a million dollars a year in sales…he finally succeeded after spending 5 years of spending 4 hours a day online from 11pm – 3am whilst holding down a full time job of his own… he finally cracked the affiliate marketing code and became the World’s top earning affiliate in the early 2000’s. He know makes even more millions by making his own products, but the foundation of his marketing empire was made through affiliate marketing.

I will be revealing many of his killer tactics over the coming weeks and months but for now, I will be concentrating on today’s top strategy… PRODUCT REVIEWS…

Think about it for a moment. You get a great long email from a marketer that tells you everything about what he had for lunch or where he is in the world, and right down the bottom of the email is a link…. for further information. This then goes straight to the product sales page and you are then persuaded to BUY… I’m not saying there is anything WRONG with this. BUT.

If you have built a SOLID relationship with your list members, of course they are going to want to know about you and what you are doing… BUT.

Suppose you don’t have a BIG list, suppose you don’t have CREDIBILITY – YET! how can you get people to take action on your affiliate products, how can you get people to BUY from you?

The answer lies in the Product review.

I prefer to do a Video product review as people tend to pay MORE attention to a Video than a whole block of TEXT.

Now as you can see, I have done a short introduction with my Flip cam, then I’ve made a video from my free 30 day trial of Camtasia. Then I’ve blended the two. Now anyone can do this., and you have 30 days to learn Camtasia and to make several product reviews pretty much for FREE Top product reviews.

To be a product reviewer, you obviously need to buy the product first. I know people sell affiliate products all the time without buying them first but if you can afford to buy them, you can put together a nice little video giving the good (and bad) points of the product itself. This will build both CREDIBILTY toward you as you will look to be an authority. Plus people will see the product in a very different light – BARE BONES… and all.

This is a much better way of presenting the product and alleviating any fears potential customers may have. The main worries people have when they see and click on your affiliate link (especially with an information product) is:

1) Is this a SCAM…?
2) Is this really going to WORK for ME?
3) Am I going to be able to do this?

These are all questions you can help answer by creating a visual product review.

a) They know you have the product, so IT EXISTS and can’t be a SCAM..
b) They can SEE it WORKING, so can now decide if it’s something that WOULD work for them..
c) As YOU are demonstrating the product, they can then decide if they are able to do what you are doing.

By doing a relatively short, thorough & HONEST video review, people can see the product in ACTION. They can see you in ACTION – this gives YOU credibility as someone who KNOWS how the product works and they can VISUALLY make their mind up if it is right for them..

Remember those Demonstrations in stores and exhibitions where they demo the Miracle Potato Peeler live… they also SHOW the product 24/7 on a nearby TV… now suppose they just left a leaflet on the stand or gave you a link to the website.. do you think they would sell as many? Of course not..

People love TV.. Video, done well – gives you an authority status, if people can SEE you using the product and It’s Working for you – more people will BUY and your affiliate sales will get BIGGER….

My tips for Better product reviews:

1) Spend time getting to know the product

2) Script the video so you know what to say & when

3) Be natural.. it’s not the BBC – be yourself, BRAND yourself into an ethical, believable reviewer.

4) Always be honest, If the product is RUBBISH… don’t sell it. One bad product can ruin your reputation as a marketer in one hit.

5) Always have an opt in for near your video if possible. People will always appreciate honest reviews and will always want to know how to get more of them. Make this task easy for them by giving them somewhere to opt in to your list under the video. With certain products you can now buy, it is now very possible to present your video review on a page with an opt in box below.

6) Include share buttons & Facebook comments below the video so people can share your reviews with their social network friends

7) Share your Video product reviews with the World. Post to video sharing sites such as You Tube, Viddler etc. Post on your Facebook Fan Page, get Digg to Dig it… get the message out there.

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